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MARY DOUGLAS' NATURAL SYMBOLS Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

MARY DOUGLAS' NATURAL SYMBOLS - Research Paper Example As indicated by Douglas, characteristic images are a significant determinant of the idea of social and strict ceremonies rehearsed by all societies around the world. These regular images could be gotten from â€Å"blood, breath or excrement† and every last one of them has a social importance and suggestion. Utilizing these substantial images, the decisions, inclinations and view of each culture can be examined. As per Mary Douglas, the manner in which an individual treats his/her body clarifies his/her view of the general public. The chains of importance existing in a general public are a lot of like how a human treats his different organs. She clarifies: According to one, the body will in general be considered as an organ of correspondence. The significant distractions will be with its working viably; the connection of head to subordinate individuals will be a model of the focal control framework, the most loved allegories of statecraft will harp upon the progression of blood in the supply routes, food and the reclamation of solidarity. As per another, however the body will likewise be viewed as a vehicle of life, it will be defenseless in various ways. The perils to it will come†¦ from inability to control the nature of what it assimilates through the openings; dread of harming, insurance of limits, antipathy for substantial waste items and clinical hypothesis that charges visit cleansing. Another again will be extremely down to earth about the potential employments of substantial rejects, exceptionally cool about reusing waste issue and about the result from such practices. The qualification between the life inside the body and the body that conveys it will hold no intrigue. In the control, zones of these general public contentions about soul and matter will barely emerge. In any case, at the opposite finish of the range †¦ an alternate disposition will be seen. Here the body isn't essentially the vehicle of life, forever will be viewed as s imply otherworldly and the body as immaterial issue. Here we can find millennial propensities from our initial history to the current day. For these individuals society shows up as a framework that doesn't work. (Douglas 1996, 16-17) The Body, Religion and Anthropology In her book, Douglas clarifies how the ceremonial examples of a culture can be determined through their body imagery. This book inspects religion from an anthropological viewpoint, clarifying the ceremonial and communist standards existent in all societies. In this manner, so as to comprehend a culture genuinely, an exhaustive investigation of the common images happening in the general public is required. Sarah Coakley writes in Religion and the body: Anthropologists have for quite some time been keen on thoughts regarding the body. In this manner, in the nineteenth-century human studies, the centrality of the thought of ‘race’ included point by point investigations of the groups of ‘primitives†™. European colonialism made conceivable, and developmental hypotheses of progress supported and benefited from, the nitty gritty portrayal and arrangement of sorts of European and non-European bodies.1 As is apparent, the body shapes a significant component of every anthropological investigation that focus on an appropriate examination of a given culture. As indicated by Coakley, before the finish of the nineteenth century, examines concentrating on the â€Å"symbolic parts of the body in crude cultures† turned out to be progressively predominant. It was accepted that such an examination would let us know â€Å"something significant of the human mind†2. Mary Douglas isn't the just one to have expounded on the criticalness of substantial images in human sciences. Numerous different works, similar to those of Benthall and Pohemus, Blacking and so forth have drawn out the significance of the â€Å"Anthropology of the Body†. Be that as it may, Douglas’ wor k remains the most mainstream as far as the two its scholastic worth and fascinating thoughts. Harries (1993) deciphers regular images as follows, By characteristic images, I

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Harlem Renaissance and the Civil Rights Movement Essay

Harlem Renaissance and the Civil Rights Movement - Essay Example Tragically, not every person realizes that the Harlem Renaissance was one of the fundamental wellsprings of intensity taking care of the fast extension of the Civil Rights Movement and choices in America. It ought to be noticed, that the Harlem Renaissance rose as a particular social development some place during the 1920s. The birthplaces of the Harlem Renaissance development could be followed to the Harlem neighborhood in New York City, where dark craftsmen, artists, and workmanship experts assembled with the objective of changing the nature and history of bigotry in America. Despite the fact that the Harlem Renaissance development reached its end during the 1930s, its social and racial fairness inheritances kept on enduring. The Harlem Renaissance delivered significant impacts in the way of life and open cognizance in America and got one of the significant drivers of the national Civil Rights Movement. The impacts of the Harlem Renaissance period on American culture have been rich ly settled. Notwithstanding, various analysts see the connection between the Harlem Renaissance and the Civil Rights Movement in an unexpected way. Educator Richard Powell accepts that the Harlem Renaissance influenced the governmental issues of the Civil Rights Movement in two unique manners. From one viewpoint, the Harlem Renaissance was, presumably, the first run through throughout the entire existence of present day America when high contrast intelligent people worked together towards a shared objective (PBS, 1998). The Harlem Renaissance brought highly contrasting craftsmen, scholarly people, instructors and social activists together trying to change the bigot and truly isolated American culture (PBS, 1998). The Harlem Renaissance didn't take out the most obsolete racial convictions and made it simpler for social activists to battle against isolation and racial maltreatment (PBS, 1998). Extremely, the quick development of African American expressions changed the American social scene and changed the arrangement of race relations in the nation (Kramer, 2009). Individuals from both white and dark races cooperated to diminish and wipe out racial generalizations and make a progressively positive picture of African Americans (Kramer, 2009). The talked about participation in the long run got one of the enduring inheritances of the Harlem Renaissance and one of the significant preconditions for the development of the Civil Rights Movement. Then again, the Harlem Renaissance changed the idea of political relations and life in America during the 1950s. The Harlem Renaissance brought about the advancement of new information about Black Nationalism (PBS, 1998). Marcus Garvey was one of the principal political activists of the Harlem Renaissance who built up a lot of â€Å"back to Africa† thoughts, trailed by the thoughts of Negroes’ financial and social confinement in the American culture lastly to the second when, without precedent for the historical backdrop of America, Negroes at long last considered themselves to be an unmistakable yet not disconnected political and social network inside the United States (PBS, 1998). Teacher Jeffrey Stewart includes that the Harlem Renaissance was a one of a kind instrument of making a positive picture of African Americans through the broad communications and innovative craftsmanship (PBS, 1998). This is likewise what Professor William Drummond says: the Harlem Renaissance was the period and the significant driver of the resurrection of the Negro individuals and the formation of the New Negro. By the start of the Civil Rights Movement, African Americans had adequate information and capacity to battle for their privileges effectively and successfully.

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Case Note and Legal Problem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Case Note and Legal Problem - Essay Example Note that evaluation cutoff times in this module are carefully implemented. This implies in the event that you complete or hand an appraisal in late it won't check except if: a) There is a legitimate purpose behind the delay; and b) The evaluation can be turned in before any others are returned; and c) An augmentation has been officially affirmed. Augmentation demands must be turned in/messaged to the KLS office before the cutoff time. 1) Case note (pick one of the alternatives): a) Milner v Cunardâ [2010] EWCA Civ 389 Your note ought to clarify the realities and choice of the case, its pertinence to the region of law it falls inside and its legitimate centrality. It ought to likewise deliver how it identifies with or potentially builds up the standards from whatever other important cases that you have examined, just as the more extensive subjects of the module. b) French and Others v The Chief Constable of Sussex Police [2006] EWCA Civ 312 Your note ought to clarify the realities and result of the case, its importance to the zone of law it falls inside and any lawful hugeness it has. Attempt likewise to relate it to different cases that you have contemplated and think about the case with regards to the more extensive subjects of the module. The cases and other significant records for this piece of the evaluation (remembering direction for case note composing) are accessible on moodle. Instances of case notes have been given in the required and further perusing for this module †you should re-read these (and others) to get a sign of the sort of composing style you ought to embrace when composing a case note. All materials utilized ought to be accurately referenced. Data on referencing will be given in the 'How to Succeed in Law' address in week 10 and furthermore in the Monday address for LW315 in week 11. You can likewise take a gander at (and do an online instructional exercise on) KLS's favored style, OSCOLA, by following the connections from http://ww 2) Problem question: In 2010, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) broadcast another ability challenge called ‘X Factor Talent!’ ?100,000 prize cash was to be granted to the triumphant demonstration. ‘XFT!’ was received as the official trademark of the show and significant big name, Byron Powell, was contracted as the primary appointed authority for a fixed term charge of ?180,000, settled in advance. On the off chance that the show was effective, the BBC planned to offer it to other TV organizes abroad. The BBC gave a press proclamation saying, ‘We are pleased that Powell has consented to go along with us - without him the show would not be close to as well known with the review public’. The five-night arrangement was to comprise of three broadcast live 'warms' trailed by one semi-last and a last, and all hopefuls marked an agreement with the BBC affirming that they would perform and submit t o the principles of the agreement. The agreement likewise specified that the BBC would give 'all sufficient gear and assurance in regards to which it has been advised is required by the entertainers ahead of time' and would 'play out any fundamental wellbeing checks'. The BBC utilized nearby woodworkers to manufacture a lot of 20 closets and sliding entryways for the changing areas behind the stage. Bodge-it was charged to fabricate 20 x 10 foot outlines with entryway sprinters at an expense of ?1,800 and expert entryway creators, Leg-it consented to manufacture sliding ways to fit the edges utilizing European Oak, which has an unmistakable grain, at an all out expense of ?10,000. Leg-it was informed that Byron Powell

A Persuasive Research Proposal for Fellowship

A Persuasive Research Proposal for Fellowship An association proposition is a convincing portrayal of a contention for why the predetermined task is to be supported. The proposition ought to be amazing and alluring and it ought to contain all the highlights to seek after the position that it has the right to be financed. Coming up next are a portion of the tips and rules to compose a powerful research proposition for association: It ought to be remembered that an examination proposition ought not be long yet it must contain clear objectives and targets and all the data identified with the foundation of the subject. All the focuses must be clear, efficient and very much engaged. One must be prepared to answer the major and significant inquiries while making the proposition. A short and reduced proposition is liked and is in every case more hard to compose than a long proposition. The most proper approach to begin a proposition is to compose a starting passage that features the primary concerns and highlights of the subject. The requirement for financing ought to be referenced plainly and with reason. The expansion of the person’s own capabilities and involvement with planning of the proposition ought to be referenced as it shows energy and devotion of that individual. The goals that are being advanced for the proposition ought to be explicit, quantifiable, inflexible, solid, substantial and sensible. Similarly the contention that one is advancing should present a solid defense for why he/she ought to be put resources into or subsidized as a scientist. A decent cooperation proposition doesn’t require a stuffed reference index. It isn't obligatory that an individual who is making a proposition ought to experience every single site identified with the point. Or maybe he ought to be very much peruse and have an intensive comprehension of his work. The partnership proposition isn't just implied for the individuals who are identified with the scholarly field yet in addition anyone that might be a wellspring of the assets. So it ought to be remembered that the title of the proposition ought to be basic, eye snappy and reasonable for the wide scope of crowd. The choice models for the exploration ought to be watched cautiously before presenting the proposition. It is suggested that one ought to make an individual board and request that they grade the application against every basis. This will assist with understanding the solid just as feeble purposes of the proposition. The presentation of the exploration proposition for association ought to be lovely and alluring. The text dimension, composing and edge lines ought to be fitting. This will show your advantage and commitment to the work. The intense sort will feature the significant words. The headings fill in as a chapter by chapter guide in the proposition and the edges make the proposition to be perused without any problem. The composing style isn't determined. It changes with various determination of styles. The most significant purpose of making an exploration proposition is to ‘Be Honest’. One ought to ask himself first whether he will meet the targets and objectives that are being assigned in a given time period. There ought to be no ambiguities in the targets or title of the proposition. You can without much of a stretch purchase an examination proposition on the web, exclusively composed without any preparation by our PhD degree holding specialists. Make the most of our expert composing administration now!

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Tjs Product Mix Free Essays

Outline of the Problem: TJ’s, Inc. , makes three nut blends available to be purchased to basic food item chains situated in the Southeast. The three blends, alluded as the Regular Mix, Deluxe Mix, Holiday Mix. We will compose a custom paper test on Tjs Product Mix or on the other hand any comparative subject just for you Request Now Presently TJ’s is focused on utilizing the accessible nuts to boost benefit of the fall seasons, and they should fulfill the got orders. Critical thinking Approach: This issue was tackled utilizing Excel Solver LP Programming. The choice factors are pounds of each sort of Mix. The target work was an equation of benefit commitment for each Mix. The imperatives are the nuts bought the accompanying shipment and the requests that should be fulfilled. The accompanying sums up the factors and coefficients of the numerical model: Variable or CoefficientUnit of MeasureDescription RPoundsPounds of Regular Mix DPoundsPounds of Deluxe Mix HPoundsPounds of Holiday Mix DescriptionRegularDeluxe HolidayShipment amountCost per shipment Orders (Pounds)1000030005000 Almond Consist percentage0. 15 0. 20 0. 25 60007500 Brazil Consist percentage0. 5 0. 20 0. 15 75007125 Filbert Consist percentage0. 25 0. 20 0. 15 75006750 Pecan Consist percentage0. 10 0. 20 0. 25 60007200 Walnut Consist percentage0. 25 0. 20 0. 20 75007875 Profit (Dollars) ( exclude cost of nuts) 1. 6522. 25 coming up next is the scientific plan of the issue: Maximize1. 65R+2D+2. 25HObjective capacity Subject to: 0. 15R+0. 2D+0. 25H= 10000 Deluxe 10625= 3000 Holiday5000= 5000 Constrains2Nuts Used Available Almond6000 Step by step instructions to refer to Tjs Product Mix, Essay models

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A Damn Good Dawg - UGA Undergraduate Admissions

A Damn Good Dawg - UGA Undergraduate Admissions A Damn Good Dawg Yesterday, a beloved member of the UGA community and the schools mascot, Uga VII, passed away. While it may seem a little odd for a university community to mourn the passing of a dog, the Uga mascot has been a well-loved and honored dog. The Uga mascot has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated when he was named the nations top mascot in 1997, had a small role in the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and attended the Heisman trophy presentation with Herschel Walker. A few years ago, my family and I were able to go onto the field before the UGA-Marshall game, and while the football game, the food and the whole event were great, my kids favorite part was getting to see Uga and his dog house on the sidelines. Our hearts go out to the UGA community and the Seiler family. Uga VII, you will be missed. As the Bulldog nation says, you were a damn good dog!

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Challenges Faced With Supply Chain Management Business Essay - Free Essay Example

Strong Bridge provides solution for all consulting and advisory related requirements. We have developed complete integrated business solution, which can handle sales, purchase, inventory, customer loyalty programs, front store management and central store with warehousing for clients in industries like Retail and Distribution, Finance and Insurance, Service and Healthcare. With Strong Bridges Supply Chain Management (SCM) services, businesses are able to plan, implement, optimize and control their supply chains better than ever before. Strong Bridges SCM approach is beneficial to client in Reduction of Inventory Carrying Cost, Improving Purchasing Power, Retaining the client, Reducing pilferage and improving overall efficiency of the business operations. Strong Bridge supply chain management (SCM) systems are used to manage the movement of products and services from dealers to consumers. These systems are used to manage demand, warehouses, trade logistics, transportation, and other issues concerning facilities, and movement and transformation of materials on their way to customers. Strong Bridge Supply Chain Management solutions also include functionality for international trade and logistics, demand management, supplier relationship management and service parts planning. Strongbridges Supply chain management system is most efficient and when it comes to international transportation facilities. Challenges in Supply Chain Management SCM has become a necessity especially for manufacturing industry when it comes to deliver products at a competitive cost and at a higher quality than their competitors. Todays business climate has rapidly changed and has become more competitive as ever in nature. Businesses now not only need to operate at a lower cost to compete, it must also develop its own core competencies to distinguish itself from competitors and stand out in the market. In creating the competitive edge, companies need to divert its resources to focus on what they do best and outsource the process and task that is not important to the overall objective of the company. SCM has allowed company to reconsideration their entire process and reorganize it so that they can focus on its core competencies and outsource practices that are not within the core competencies of the firm. Due to the current expensive market, it is the only way for a business to continue. The stratagem of applying SCM will not only impac t their market positioning but also strategic decision on choosing the right partners, resources and manpower. By focusing on core competencies also will allow the company to create niches and specialization of core areas. In order for your company to sustain relevant in todays marketplace, it is essential to continually look to evolve your supply chain process. Enterprises that prosper and minimize their costs while maximizing their revenues and keeping clients happy recognize that this practice of constant supply chain growth depends on on well thought out and well applied redesign efforts to perform more efficient supply chain planning. Strong Bridge Supply chain system helps client to fill customer orders, to track the physical location or status of goods and materials, and manage their flows effectively and subsequently supports in managing both the aspects of planning and execution. Strong Bridge provides effective SCP with the support of the system has a dependable proc ess for collecting up-to-date information about customer orders, production status, and sales and delivery fulfilments. Strong Bridge Expertise We take very wide spectrum engagements in the supply chain practice. We can help clients take very operational action to straightaway improve supply chain performance indicators, such as delivery accuracy or flexibility. We can also help with more long-term changes such as defining a new supply chain strategy or determining optimal locations for plants and distribution centres. Our client sees an opportunity for increased sales and/or lower cost through better supply chain performance. Across the Operations Practice, generalist consultants and practice specialists work side-by-side. Generalist consultants join Strong Bridge directly after business school, or have a few years experience, and can take on projects across different functional themes. When we staff an engagement team we take into account what is required for the specific situation. The practice has an immense global reach and ability to pull in people and knowledge from across the world. We come from all imaginabl e sectors: retail, high tech, automotive, pharmaceutical and chemicals, even aerospace and defence organizations. We are distinctive in what we do. We work with Clients and Collaborate to develop New Knowledge. We always start by understanding the root causes for missed performance targets. Strong Bridge puts a significant amount of resource into knowledge development, often in cooperation with our clients. Supply chain is a fast moving area, and working so closely with the leading global companies, in combination with heavy investment in our internal knowledge initiatives, allows us to keep pace with development. Strong Bridge strategy We offer Supply Chain Management services to the operations department of clients organization in various functionalities like research and development, engineering, production, materials, plant management, delivery, purchase, and shipping, to name a few. It helps people in operations to attain results by ensuring the delivery of quality products on time to the right place. Strong Bridge strategy supports the creditable services meeting the needs of businesses throughout the world. Our experience working with both small and large organizations has developed our services in assessing and presenting service options to suit your needs. We recognize the dynamic requirements of our clients and develop business models to accommodate their needs. Strong Bridge SCM Services delivers value added services which strengthen the supply chain process ultimately providing clients with greater efficiencies. Our supply chain strategy offers solutions for companies in a range of industries and helps our clients gain a unique perspective, which comes from working together with service providers and clients alike. Strongbridge offers its clients. Demand Chain Management Strongbridge demand chain management benefits in management of upstream and downstream contacts between  suppliers  and  customers  to deliver the best value to the customer at the least  cost  to the demand chain  as a whole. Our demand chain system is a tool to bridge the gap between the  customer relationship management  and the supply chain management. Our supply chain processes are managed to deliver best value according to the demand of the customers. Demand planning service offered by strong Bridge helps you determine which products and how much of these must be produced at which particular point in time so that all customer orders will be fulfilled or served promptly. Our Performance practice can develop and manage your entire demand chain the strategies, people, and systems. By identifying the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that drive your demand chain, we can help you constantly determine whats working or not. Strong Bridge can help your com pany become a Demand Chain Leader. Companies large or small in size can become Demand Chain Leaders and move their company beyond Supply Chain Management. Demand Chain Leadership results in increased customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and increased profit levels on the bottom line. Demand Chain Leadership sets your company apart from the competition and gives you the competitive edge for growth. Integrated Business Planning  (IBP) It refers to the technologies, applications and processes of connecting the planning function across the enterprise to improve organizational alignment and financial performance. IBP accurately represents a holistic model of the company  in order to link  strategic planning  and  operational planning  with  financial planning. We deploy IBP and help clients to leverage the organizations information assets to evaluate plans and activities based on the true economic impact of each consideration. Our IBP service transforms planning into a decisive competitive advantage by: Providing an integrated planning platform across marketing, operations and finance Generating a holistic understanding of performance drivers Quantifying the financial impact and interdependencies across planning alternatives Optimizing strategic planning and resource allocation Balancing sales and operations planning for profitability Quantifying financial risk Increasing busi ness flexibility Supply Chain Optimization Strong Bridge also helps in optimizing your supply chain by combining resources in a supply chain with the intent of eliminating bottlenecks and other problems that interfere with the process and helping the supply chain function in a more smooth, timely and cost-effective manner. We use various methods to analyse supply chain data and create simulations that help supply chain planners make decisions that help them reach their goals more effectively. We can alert our clients beforehand who want to pursue a course of action that wouldnt be feasible based on available resources saving them precious time and money and helps them to decide on an alternate course of action that would allow them to achieve the objective they wish to achieve through other means. Our client preference and demand become one of the key importance factors for optimizing the supply chain system. The globalization of applications such as marketing and distribution has led to the creation of the global sup ply chain and added additional layers of complexity to the process. Strong Bridge can support in minimizing these complexities. How Does Supply Chain Optimization Solve Problems Our Supply chain optimization not only helps in improving customer satisfaction, but also keeping their supply chain costs to a minimum. Specifically, optimizing your supply chain is done with the purpose of eliminating or at least minimizing the supply chain issues that would normally arise when either time or resources are limited. Because it takes time to acquire materials, manufacture products, and deliver these products to customers, and even the largest and most established companies have limited resources for performing these activities, a considerable effort must be made in order to keep customers happy. This effort begins with advanced and detailed planning, and continues with effective execution of that plan. However, even under the best of circumstances, problems arise. Supply chain optimization attempts to systematically prevent those problems from arising or to provide solutions to them if they do occur. Supply chain optimization efforts make use of strong Bri dge models that helps to represent how these internal and external factors (constraints) relate to the companys desired objectives. Benefits of Supply Chain Optimization Supply chain optimization encompasses the entire process of combining resources in a supply chain with the intent of streamlining the process and leading to faster, more efficient and more profitable results. Supply chain optimization uses models and planning to formulate solutions to internal problems and external problems. Internal supply chain problems can take the form of complex decisions that the supply chain planner has to make, while external problems stem from the supply chain itself. SB SCM optimization helps in synchronizing concurrent planning, planning levels, and real-time planning and execution. Taking advantage of these services is a crucial part of ensuring that your business remains profitable and your customers remain happy. Enterprise Resource Planning The goal of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems is the successful integration of a companys data and processes in to a single unified system. Vendors can observe highest benefit by consolidating both SCM  and ERP systems. Suppliers observe more value added by opting for both supply chain and Enterprise resource planning. Supply chain management (SCM) along with enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, means more than getting the right resources to the right place at the right time. It also means optimally tuning the sequence of events involved in producing goods and distributing them to customers. Our supply chain management system (SCM) has the potential to become a critical success factor for implementing lean manufacturing and helps to define product structure, costing information, financial information and reports and is a useful tool in the decision-making process. The  SCM  features of Strong Bridge assists you in streamlining your operations to make t hem more efficient and cost-effective. We provide our supply chain offerings to both manufacturing and service organizations. It has emerged as the new key to productivity and competitiveness of manufacturing and service enterprises. Strong Bridge Advantage We assist you in solving the complex problems of just-in-time manufacturing, inventory reduction, and efficient manufacture and delivery of goods to outdo your competitors. Increase top-line profit growth through supplier collaboration. Increase customer service and decrease stock-outs. Reduce inventory carrying costs. Optimize your value chain for cost reduction and profit improvement. Reduce operating costs, corporate-wide. Increase competitiveness. Create supply chain visibility, including among trading partners. Adapt quickly to changing market conditions and adjust accordingly without detrimental customer impact. Determining product price and availability, determining alternate product logistics, and ensuring that manufacturing materials are available when needed. Maximizing the effectiveness Reducing the number of products returned.